We started as an independent film maker in the beginning. Over the years we’ve built up a great deal of experience and career thanks to many positive feedbacks and supports from our clients.

We only wish one thing.It is to deliver the best of our client into the world with simple yet exciting images.We have devoted ourselves in each and every work with that idea in our heart.

We know the idea makes us unsuited for high-volume productions.But we believe it’s more important for us to create unique images of our client and deliver them with pride than follow stereotypical patterns.
Our service starts with a thorough consultation to understand client’s needs, and we further delve into the essence of client’s product or service.

We strive to create images that will bring satisfaction to both of our client and their customers, and bring trust to our present and future relationships.

Planning and production of promotional videos (PR images)

【Directing(Writing Scenario/Building plots/Directting/Editing and bringing to completion)】
“Promotion of the global village”
▼Processed foods
“The 100th anniversary meorial company profile video”
“A manual video for health insulance business ”
“The Faculty of Tourism profile video”
“Company profile video”(※only scenario and direction)
▼Bedding interior
“Company profile video”
“The 60th anniversary meorial company profile video”
“Product technology videos for Tokyo motor shows”
“New product technology videos” etc.
“Company profile video”
▼High school
“The 60th anniversary meorial high school profile video”
“An earthquake disaster+design project profile video”
and we have many others.

【Producing (Total management to completion)】
“An earthquake disaster+design project profile video”
“Telework introduction video”

Planning and production of TV program

“HIT IT! ENTERTAINMENT PLUS” Opening movie, Corner title movie, Logo
▼BS Asahi “Akiko Sugawara chikyu daisuki miraibin” Writer
▼TV Asahi “Mirai no Kagami” Writer

Planning and production of Music Video

▼Zureko Zureyama

Planning and production of “Making-of” scenes for movies and films

▼ArtPort Inc.
“Ningen isu” directed by Keisaku Sato
▼ArtPort Inc.
“Yaneura no sanposha” directed by Mitsuhiro Mihara

Planning and production of original movies

▼“Garson Fever”(produced by FuunySketch)
▼“MASK”(produced by FuunySketch)
“The 7th Independent movies festival”
“AHFF2004 competition” nomination
▼“Half Asleep”(produced by FuunySketch)
and we have many others.